Schoolgirl Complex (Sukûrugâru konpurekkusu: hôsôbu-hen) teaser trailer

Manami is the leader of broadcasting club in her high school. She is busy with planning a public reading for the coming up campus festival. It is a club tradition to have one reader for the festival, but Manami couldn’t make up her mind to choose someone. One summer day, Manami fell in love with a girl lying aside the school pool. Manami couldn’t take her eyes off that girl and kept peeping her everywhere. Manami was crazy about gazing at that girl’s soft skin, long legs, and well-shaped lip. Campus festival was around the corner and members of broadcasting club practiced hardly. One such day, a new girl came to ask for joining the club. Manami was surprised because the girl was who she had been peeking. A strange feeling grew inside of Manami…

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