Angry Sugar Drones – 2014-09-10 Update #8

Sunbathers aren’t alone in their rage over invasive drones.

A ram grazing on a New Zealand hillside recently knocked a quadcopter to the ground and smashed it with its horns. The ram-on-drone attack was caught on video taken by a camera mounting on the hovering craft and uploaded to YouTube.

The animal, dubbed “Rambo” in the clip, walks away as the drone owner attempts to locate the device, but not before getting in one last lick.

“When I went to retrieve it he followed me,” the drone operator, identified as YouTube user Buddhanz1, wrote. “I had my hands full so he got me pretty good.”

The footage, uploaded to YouTube on Monday, has generated more than 470,000 views, with some users criticizing the drone operator for taunting the ram. But Buddhanz1 dismissed such criticism.

“To the trolling haters on this vid who think this is animal abuse, you are mistaken,” he wrote. “The ram was not injured at all, they are built to withstand enormous impacts on the noggin, taking down a little 1 kg quadcopter is nothing to him.

“I actually look after this guy,” he added. “I rescued him after his previous owner was going to kill him for being too aggressive.”

Usually, it’s humans doing the drone damage. In June, a Connecticut woman was charged with assault after confronting a teenage boy who had been flying a drone above a public beach.


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