2015 Budweiser Super Bowl XLIX Commercial “Lost Dog” (Puppy) | #BestBuds | TV Ad Spot


2015 Budweiser Super Bowl XLIX Commercial “Lost Dog” (Puppy) | #BestBuds | TV Ad Spot

We’re less than a week away from Super Bowl XLIX and, more importantly, all the viral commercials that come along with the big game.
On Wednesday, as they often do, Budweiser released their new 2015 Super Bowl commercial early on YouTube. Make sure you have a tissue box near by and watch the commercial below.
Budweiser unveils the commercial that will make you cry on Super Bowl Sunday The cute puppy and his majestic Clydesdale friend are back for Super Bowl XLIX, starring in a sequel to the Budweiser commercial that was last year’s Ad Meter winner for best Super Sunday commercial.

The 2015 version is a lot like the the touching 2014 commercial and why not — everyone loved that one. While an emo cover of The Proclaimers I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) plays in the background, the puppy becomes separated from his owner and horse pal while accidentally boarding a horse trailer. His best buddy, the Clydesdale, sense a disturbance in the force and gets unruly with his trainer, who soon realizes the dog, who managed to escape during a traffic accident, is missing. The puppy journeys through rain, fields and forests while the owner puts up “lost dog” signs and you’re wondering what the commercial would sound like with the actual Proclaimers song playing in the background. Suddenly the puppy gets close to the house while danger occurs. You’ll have to watch to see what happens next, but I bet you can guess. It’s another heart warmer that has absolutely nothing to do with the product it’s selling. Now go get a tissue and wipe away those tears.
Clydesdales and puppy reunite in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales, and they are back with the adorable friend they made in last year’s award-winning commercial. anuncio o comercial es advertisement. n the third installment in a trilogy of Budweiser’s yearly Super Bowl ads, which TODAY debuted exclusively, the rambunctious puppy returns with a new spin on his story. This year, there’s a villain in the mix.

“We’re focused more maybe on the puppy than in past,” director Jake Scott told TODAY’s Joe Fryer. “Telling the story through the puppy’s eyes.” Super Bowl commercials 2015: Budweiser’s Clydesdales search for ‘Lost Dog’ (updated) Remember the adorable squiggly puppy that teamed with a Clydesdale to win the hearts of Super Bowl viewers in last year’s “Puppy Love” commercial for Budweiser?

Well, he or she and the horses are back only this time in “Lost Dog,” the impish lil pup has gotten him/herself into a pickle by running off. That scamp. The horse whisperer/Clydesdale trainer/rancher guy posts “Lost Dog” (sniff, sniff) signs and, of course, the guy gets himself into real peril.
It looks bad, real bad. But you know the deal. It’s never that grim in a Bud commercial about buds. There’s an emotional, happy reunion, a sappy song…win! Budweiser Is Hoping This Cute Follow Up To Its ‘Puppy Love’ Ad Will Win The Super Bowl Again
Budweiser has today released the third in its enjoyable Super Bowl ad series that tells the story of the friendship between a puppy and its Clydesdale horse friend.

The 60-second ad, created by ad agency Anomaly, debuted on “The Today Show” this morning. It’s the follow up to the “Puppy Love” commercial that was roundly decreed to have “won” last year’s Super Bowl commercial breaks. Watch: Budweiser’s ‘Lost Dog’ 2015 Super Bowl XLIX advert
Budweiser releases its “Lost Dog” commercial for the 2015 Superbowl and it features a super cute puppy being saved from a wolf by some horses. Budweiser has released its commercial for the Superbowl 2015 and it might be the cutest we have ever seen.
The advert shows a Labrador puppy – that lives on a farm with horses – getting lost and being confronted by a hungry wolf.
In the final scenes the horses break out of their stables and run to the rescue of the dog. The advert is the second in a new series of Budweiser adverts which have marked a stark departure from the humorous and zany talking frogs – and instead sought to associate drinking with the rural family idyll. original and official video
Around the world, an estimated one billion people watched last year’s Super Bowl, according to the National Football League (NFL). Budweiser’s Lost Dog spot reunites puppy, Clydesdales. Budweiser Puppy Faces a Wolf in “Lost Dog” Super Bowl XLIX Ad—Can the Clydesdales Save Him? time for Budweiser’s puppy Super Bowl ad. Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” Commercial Should Be The Best Of The Super Bowl [VIDEO]
January 28, 2015
Super Bowl commercials are usually talked about after the game almost as much as the game itself. There are rumors some people only watch the game for the commercials.
This year, I think Budweiser will have all of America talking.

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